Dungeon Delvers

June 16, 2014 Loot

Tonight’s loot:

Orb of the Deft Negotiator +1
71 gp, 82 sp, 80 cp
A sparkling garnet (worth 100 gp)
Lifegiving Plate Armor +1
180 gold
Fire Beetle Potion
Fire Rat’s Robe

Fire Rat’s Robe
The shimmering hide of the legendary Fire Rat that it shed as it took its dying breath. It is warm to the touch, and flickers like fire as it moves.
Cloth armor, Enhancement: +1 AC
Power (Daily): Immediate Interrupt. Trigger: An enemy moves into a square adjacent to you.
Effect: Teleport up to 3 squares. Until the end of the encounter, you deal +5 damage with Fire powers.

Additionally, you’ve discovered the mysterious amulet’s power:

Mercurial Talisman
This small slip of paper can produce fresh, clean water, although it never gets wet itself. Useful for cleaning brushes.
Wondrous Item
Minor Action; Douses all mundane fires within 1 square.
Standard Action (Encounter); Douses all magical fires within 1 square, and you deal 2d6+5 cold damage to nearby fire-based creatures.

June 9, 2014 Loot

95 gp, 61 sp, 50 cp
An amber necklace (worth 100 gp)
53 gp, 38 sp, 80 cp
A mysterious blue talisman
A note revealing the location of a secret door
A live crocodile

June 2, 2014 Loot

115 gp, 67 sp, 70 cp
Wailing Forbidden Tome +1
Rebounding Carbine +1 (1d8, load standard, brutal 2, high crit; we can make this a normal crossbow if you’d prefer)
Bottle of Wine

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