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Lilyflower was one of those pixies that used to give little thought to the complex politics of the realm. As long as nothing interrupted her games, broke her friendships, or interfered with her duties taking care of the woods, she saw little reason to care. That all changed with the rise of Darkbow. All of the sudden everything got much more serious, and her beautiful, beautiful nature was covered more and more by ugly metal.

Frustrated with her own inability to do anything about it and the unwillingness of so many others to even try, she felt that she had no choice but to seek power outside of the Feywild. She bribed the most powerful pixie around with her most prized posession, a really cool rock she found a few weeks earlier, to perform a ritual to send her to the mortal realm. She soon found herself in a grim land filled with miserable people who spoke in hushed whispers of someone they called “Thrax the Undying.”

That name sounded pretty impressive to Lilyflower, so she hatched a plan. She carefully made her way to his giant black tower, and sure enough, she was slowly able to climb and fly up seemingly without notice. Finally at the top, she found an open window. She burst into the room with the notorious villain with a shout of “Oh please teach me to be as awesome as you!” before presenting him with the basket of cookies she had baked the previous night. The dumbstruck lich just stared at her in silence before carefully examining one of the cookies. He burst into a horrid, cold laughter that chilled Lilyflower to the bone. But still, laughter was laughter, so the pixie was sure she’d just made a new friend.

Thrax proved a surprisingly good host for an undead monstrosity. He was quite interested in what had been going on in her home, and she was thrilled when he offered to train her so that one day she might help him “destroy the metal ones with a darkness your world has never known.” She figured that he was just referring to all the annoying bright lights that were all over the place there now. She didn’t bother to ask further, since she couldn’t think of what else a nice guy like him would mean.

However, while Thrax had proven a good teacher of long forbidden arts, his teaching was no replacement for experience, so she set out to gain strength, make a name for herself, and hopefully acquire an impressive collection of minions.

Lilyflower is impulsive and far too trusting of anyone she considers her friend. She’s optimistic and friendly, but is currently trying to convince everyone that she’s the sort of intimidating, dark being you’d expect from a lich’s apprentice.


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